Ramadan 2019 Food Packs

Thanks to you our donor, this Ramadan 2019 we distributed food packs to the needy in Indonesia. The beneficiaries are the poor, the elderly, orphans and mothers. Areas include Banten (

Pandeglang) and Jakarta. Due to the riots in Indonesia food packs deliveries were delayed by 2-3 days. In total over 800 food packs were distributed. With some families living in narrow alleys as they don’t have enough to buy homes so they share the alleys. We also began hosting iftar’s with these needy families in local mosques and the alley ways themselves.  

The process of distribution used registration cards and lists of beneficiaries that were previously signed and agreed by local authority. All beneficiaries were therefore registered participants for distribution. The distribution method was in the distribution centre and our volunteers also delivered directly to the beneficiaries’ house. Total number of registered beneficiary families was 320. We assumed each family consisted of 4 family members (wife, husband and two children)


The content of the Ramadan Food per package for 1 family (320 families) are consisting of:
  • 5kg Rice Bag
  • 2Kg Sugar
  • 2 Litres Cooking Oil
  • 2 Cans Milk – Long life
  • 1 Pack General Purpose Goods

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