Major Donations and Special Projects

Major donations can used to fund special projects. With major donations can really shift the conditions of individuals and families setting them on a path toward sustainability and self-sufficiency.  

Projects On Your Terms

Through the engagement you can tailor the project(s) to your personal objectives and it can range from doing small things consistently to large projects. Examples can include, but are not lot limited to, sustainable water projects, building schools, mosques, orphanages, and sponsoring hifz of Quran. Given the number of countries we work in, the strategic partnerships we have and the projects we've run before we are certain we can meet your philanthropic goals. 

A Simple and Honest Process

As a major donor you will receive a dedicated projects team member to work with you on the options you have for charitable work. We will work with you on the proposal, the governance and the payment plan required to execute the special project. 

Funding Requirements

Major donations require a minimum of AU$15,000 as a one-off or multi-year arrangement. 

Next Steps

We would be honoured and delighted to hear from you and how we can help. Please reach out directly to us here. We look forward to hearing from you.