Lebanon Needs Our Help

Lebanon is in decline and the Lebanese people need our help.

It's official, over 57% of the people of Tripoli are poor. Poverty is at its worst in the area of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Suwaiqa (87% of households), followed by the Old City (75%), Al-Quobe and Jabal Mohsen (69%), Al-Mina (63%), Al-Tal and Zahrieh (36%), Basatin Al-Mina (26%), and Basatin Trablous (19%).

To make matters worse, suicide rates are climbing. Recently one father made headlines after committing suicide due to being unable to provide for his family. The price of food and necessities have been rising sharply, job losses are in free fall, and banks have constrained access to money. 

There are many dimensions to this problem however as a humanitarian organisation we focus on the needy and disadvantaged. They need food. They need water. They need the basics. And they need our prayers of quickly restoring stability and prosperity to the people of Lebanon. 

Please see the links below to start helping the people of Lebanon.