Olive Trees and Date Palms planted in Palestine!

Finally we did it! We managed to plant over 2000 olive trees and date palms in Palestine on behalf of our generous donors. You are superstars! It is a continual charity (sadaqah jariyyah) to invest in planting a tree. It represents sustainable charity providing assistance to families for year and years to follow. 

The Olive Branch Australia partnered with local nurseries in Gaza and the West Bank to plant olive trees and date palms in the fields of Palestinian farming families. These trees, God willing, will provide for generations to come. Olive trees contribute around 14% to the Palestinian economy and 65% of the population in Palestine works in the olive fields during the picking season. Therefore it’s obvious that these plantations go a long way in helping the needy in Palestine.

Most of our donors donated on the day of Arafah this year so God willing, the reward is multiplied and accepted.

Please take a moment and watch the video and the smiles on the faces of the people you helped. This makes it all worth it. May your efforts be accepted, ameen.

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