Who We Are?

Our Mission

The Olive Branch Australia mission is: “We believe humanity is fundamentally good. And so, we believe humans who can help, want to help other humans in need. And so, we believe our mission is to bridge the two in the simplest and most trustworthy manner”

Water Well in Bangladesh

Doing Things Right

The Olive Branch Australia is an international NGO that aims to provide local solutions in fighting poverty and helping communities break away from its cycle. We intend in our approach to empower local actors and work with them to serve the most in need in improving their economic conditions and secure better future for their children. By engaging in sustainable livelihood projects, in supporting access to education and better healthcare.

Our Approach

All our actions are done hand in hand with local knowledge to ensure that our work respects local cultures and customs with solutions from the ground up rather than a top down approach.

We provide humanitarian assistance in response to natural and man-made disasters, we intend to be present on the ground providing direct assistance to the victims.